Online Depression Awareness Training, CPD Certified Approved Course

Understanding depression is important, as depression can be either mild or very severe and affects many people each day throughout the world, which intern affects their daily working and their home life.

We offer an online depression awareness training programme that will help you understand and raise awareness of workplace depression. Our e-learning depression awareness course will give you advise on how depression can be recognised, diagnosed and also treated.

This online course is also ideal to be used by the general public, but is also an ideal learning platform for office managers, supervisors, school teachers, line managers, care home staff, including domiciliary carers, workshop staff, doctors, nurses, GP’s, or anyone who would like to gain a depression awareness training certification.

Programme Content and Registration

Programme Content click here to view

  • Introduction
  • The many causes of depression
  • Effects on the individual
  • Effects on family & friends
  • Depression management & support part 1
  • Depression management & support part 2

Free depression awareness training videos are available with this course, which can be paused or rewound as you progress through the training, so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and the structure.

Our online depression awareness course will offer you, or your employees a good understanding of the problems surrounding mental health issues, especially depression within the workplace. This course is an ideal training solution for office managers, supervisors, office staff, care home staff, domiciliary carers, school teachers, doctors, nurses, GP’s, factory staff and more.

Depression awareness online training course, ideal for office staff, managers, supervisors, video based e-learning.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand what depression is
  • Have an understanding of the diagnosis process
  • Recognise the causes and symptoms in adults, children and also teenagers
  • Learn the different management techniques used and the support that is available
  • Recognise the impact of depression on the individual and those around them such as friends and a family member
  • CPD certified
  • A video based training programme
  • Over 45 mins of training video
  • Download & print your certification
  • Course Fee ¬£35 + vat

Depression awareness online training course, CPD certified, video based programme, click here to register and start

Our course starts by looking at the diagnoses of this condition before moving on to define the various types of depression and you will also learn about other related disorders.

This training then go on to look at the causes of depression and the many everyday factors which could make it more difficult to manage effectively.

The course also looks at the physical and social effects of depression, including on those living with a person who is depressed.

Depression management techniques and treatments will also be covered, including cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, relaxation techniques and mood management.

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