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Online Positive Handling in Schools, CPD Certified E-Learning Training Course

We offer an online positive handling course schools training programme, which is conducted using our online video based training system. Our e-learning course is an ideal training platform for school teachers, childminders, nannies, LSA’s, midday assistants or nursery staff. This course is also ideal for anyone who is required, or would like to hold an up to date positive handling in schools training certification.

Our online positive handling course for schools training programme is available with 3 CPD time credits. This e-learning programme will help you understand many confrontational situations, but also when it is appropriate to act. This online course will also help you to understand the issues that surround positive handling within a school environment.

Programme Content and Registration

Programme Content click here to view

  • Introduction and course structure
  • The serious business, aggression curve
  • The SCARF model
  • Government advice and guidance
  • Making decisions
  • Duty of care & the law
  • Physical intervention and also restraint
  • Screening, searching & confiscation.

Our cpd certified video based online positive handling schools course is an ideal learning platform for school teachers & school support staff.

Equally it is also ideal for childminders & nursery staff, or anyone who would like to complete online training and gain a positive handling training in schools certification.

Why is Positive Handling in Schools Important...?

Positive handling in schools, online training via e-learning for teachers, teaching support staff, childminders, nursery staff, playgroups and more, cpd certified course, positive handling in a school’s or nurseries environment, video based learning at a time to suit you.

Schools positive handling training is vital, as physical intervention within the school environment can quickly get out of control if not handled in a controlled manor.

This online positive handling training schools course programme will give you the confidence to act safely to defuse a confrontational situation within the school environment, for the benefit of all concerned.

Furthermore, duty of care is important for all concerned within the schools or nursery environment. Moreover knowing what to do to ease any confrontational situation is vital and important.

Course Structure

This positive handling schools online course starts by looking at some examples and statistics, which will highlight the seriousness and extent of aggressive pupil behaviour within the school & education environment.

Our e-learning course then proceeds to explain how you can identify the stages of aggression.

In addition this online positive handling training for schools programme will also provide the learner with some helpful tips. This includes how you could de-escalate a pupil before they lash out at you or another member of staff.

  • CPD certified course
  • A video based training programme
  • Nearly 2 hours of training video
  • Download & print your certification
  • Course Fee ¬£25 + vat

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This e-learning training course in positive handling for schools also looks at where the law stands on this subject and the best practice in theory, which is equally important.

If you ever do need to restrain a pupil our positive handling training is an ideal learning platform for teachers, learning support assistants, nursery staff, childminders and is ideal to be run along side your existing workplace policies and procedures.

Additional Safeguarding Training

Together with our level 3 online safeguarding children course makes these courses and ideal training solution for school teachers, support staff, childminders & nannies, or anyone who works with the care of children.

Contact us for additional information

For any additional information that you may require regarding our e-learning positive handling in the school environment training course, or our safeguarding training programmes please contact us through our contact us page.