Online Mental Health First Aid Training, CPD Certified Approved Course

Mental health training within the workplace is an important issue and consideration, as figures indicate that around 25% of the UK population, at some point in their lives may suffer some form of a mental health problem, albeit a mild form, but never the less this is still a problem.

We offer an online mental health first aid training programme that will help you understand and give you an insight into mental health problems within the workplace, or the home.

Our course is an ideal learning platform for office managers, supervisors, childminders, school teachers, care home staff, including domiciliary carers, shop assistants and retail outlets, workshop staff, but also anyone who would like to gain a mental health first aid training certification.

Programme Content and Registration

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  • Introduction
  • Stress
  • Employers role
  • The role of management
  • Employees role part 1
  • Employees role part 2
  • Employees role part 3

Free mental health training videos are available with this course, which can be paused or rewound as you progress through the course, so that you can gain a better understanding of the content and structure.

Our e-learning mental health first aid training programme will offer you, or your employees a good understanding of the problems surrounding mental health within the workplace. It will also help you address these issues by helping any employee the chance to become a mental health first aider within the company.

This online mental health first aid course is an ideal training solution for office managers, supervisors, office staff, care home staff, domiciliary carers and more.

Mental health first aid training online via e-learning. Ideal for teachers, office staff, childminders, managers, supervisors and more, cpd certified course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define and understand the importance of Mental Health First Aid
  • Develop a greater understanding of mental health issues and the benefits of Mental Health First Aid
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees in achieving better mental health in the workplace
  • Identify the issues of stress in the workplace
  • Develop and understand a wellness strategy within the workplace
  • CPD certified
  • Gatehouse awards
  • A video based training programme
  • Over 90 mins of training video
  • Download & print your certification
  • Course Fee £35 + vat

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This e-learning mental health first aid training will show you how to connect with people with the appropriate help from fellow employees, community resources or a healthcare professional.

Our course first introduces and outlines the benefits of mental health first aid in the workplace and also additional wellness schemes. It then proceeds to cover the effects of stress on individuals and how stress and mental health are linked.

This online course then goes on to cover the roles of employers, managers and employees in helping to ensure that a workplace mental health first aid programme is successful and concludes with practical examples of how to apply mental health first aid to real situations.

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