Safeguarding Children L3 Suitable For Coaches

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CPD certified, e-learning course suitable for football, rugby & club staff.

We offer a level 3 online safeguarding children training course, which is an ideal training solution and learning platform for football, rugby, hockey, tennis & swimming coaches and all club support staff.

This course is also ideal for anyone who works within the children’s sports industry and would like to gain level 3 child protection training certification.

As a football or rugby coach and having children in your care, is very important and critical to have an understanding of how to recognise the signs of abuse or neglect for the safe and well-being of each child or young adult within your care.

Our level 3 online safeguarding children training course is CPD certified and will help you address these issues and provides a thorough understanding of child protection.

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E-learning training for the protection of infants and children, level 3 certified, online safeguarding ideal for football, rugby, hockey & tennis coaches and also club support staff.

This e-learning child protection course covers in depth topics on protecting children and young adults. This online training programme is relevant to any football, rugby, tennis, hockey or swimming coach who works with or has children and young adults within their care.

Our online child protection training is designed to give everyone who has contact with children, young adults or teenagers an introduction to safeguarding issues and to raise awareness of the signs of child abuse and neglect.

This level 3 online safeguarding children course is ideal for all football, rugby, hockey, tennis coaches and sports support staff, or any person within the sports training environment who may come into contact with children, young adults throughout their working day.

E-learning protecting children, course, what’s covered?

      • Understanding to what protecting children and young people means
      • Child development and negative influences on it
      • An awareness of the key legislation and guidance in relation to the protection of vulnerable children and young people
      • How to be aware of you own professional responsibilities, as well as those of your colleagues and partner organisations
      • How to be able to document and report concerns relating to child abuse or maltreatment, including:
        • Taking adequate history
        • Performing a physical examination in ways that are deemed appropriate in line with current legislation relating to the protection of young people
          Assessing parenting capacity
        • The forms of abuse and signs of abuse
        • Recognising and responding to abuse, with specific guidance on note taking and recording your concerns
      • Meaningfully contribute to inter-agency assessments, as well as the gathering, sharing of information and where appropriate analysis of risk posed
      • Work in partnership with others, including:
        • Completing local reviews
        • Including child death reviews
        • Lessons learned from recent serious case reviews
      • How to participate in inter-agency working and be supportive to families & guardians where concerns have been raised
      • How to be familiar with your local organisational protocols and referral processes to your local social services and how to minimise barriers in the referral process
      • How to be aware of your information sharing responsibilities within and across multi-disciplinary teams

On completion of this level 3 online safeguarding training course you will be required to complete an assessment with a pass mark of 80%.

If you do not pass on your first attempt, do not worry, as you can re-take the test as many times as you need at no additional cost.

Once completed free online safeguarding children training level 3 certification will be available for you to download & print from within your own secure training area.

Course Certification
Our CPD certificate can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit (recognised internationally) and can also be used as annual safeguarding refresher training.

All of our e-learning training courses and programs are accredited by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

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