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Safeguarding Training Teachers

Safeguarding training for teachers, level 2 & level 3 CPD certified courses

Safeguarding Training For Teachers, Online Courses

To help school teachers stay compliant with their safeguarding training course requirements we offer two courses, level 2 & level 3 online safeguarding children training. Our courses will help you understand the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect, but also the many differing types.

Safeguarding and protecting children, but also promoting the welfare of every child within the school is every teachers responsibility and our CPD certified courses will help to provide you with a thorough understanding of child protection by covering a depth of topics relevant to this subject.

As a teacher our online safeguarding training teachers courses are a vital first step in child protection, as your position within the classroom is important and will help you to identify early abuse concerns and provide help for children.

Our level 2 & level 3 courses available

To compliment our level 2 & level 3 online safeguarding children training courses we also offer an online positive handling in schools course.

This course is an ideal training platform for school teachers, LSA’s, midday assistants, or anyone who is required to hold an up to date positive handling in schools training certification.

Our positive handling training programme will help you understand many confrontational situations and when it is appropriate to act. This e-learning course will also help you to understand the issues that surround positive handling within a school environment.

You can register and start your safeguarding children training, or positive handling now by clicking any of the images above, or if you would like to contact us we can be contacted through our contact us page.